Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Thrifty Creation for Washi Tape

If you are like me, you are loving the whole Washi tape craze.  The problem I had was storing all the tapes without spending a ton of money on some cute little doo-dad.  So, one day as I was putting dinner away I noticed the holder for the parchment paper was a pretty good size and shape.  Lo & behold, I was also out of parchment paper, so I had to get rid of the container.

Well, you know we crafters don't throw things away.  So, I measured and it was the perfect size & shape I needed for my tapes.

Here are a few pics to show you what I did.  The papers I used are all retired from Close To My Heart, but never fear, you can always order other cute papers!

The parchment box before I altered it

Finished product

Hook & Loop closures along the side

Serrated edge used to tear the tape

I hope you enjoyed this frugal tidbit.  When you create yours, please send me a picture so I can see how adorably you decorated yours!

Keep crafty my friends!

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