Thursday, May 23, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I've been a little busy creating cards using only old/retired paper packs.  It's kind of fun to use items that are not current.  For one, I get to use up my stock.  Also, I get to see what all I have that I forgot I had.  Here are the creations:

This first card was created for a friend's birthday.  She's pretty country but kinda girly.  So, I did as much over-the-top as I could. I used the Clementine paper pack from Close To My Heart, the Cottage Assortment of button flowers, heat embossed the boots, hat, & blue outline, some burlap, and a few different colors/types of bling.

This is the inside of the card - kinda cute, huh?

The next 4 cards were created especially for a few kids  young adults in Basic Training for the Army.  My friend Rochelle Crawford's son is going through boot camp in South Carolina.  She told me there are people there who do not receive mail, ever.  That just broke my heart!  I mean, good grief!  If people willingly to sign up to defend our country, the absolute LEAST someone can do is send them a blasted letter or card!  In my opinion, military personnel, along with first responders, deserve our respect and prayers.  Ok, off of my soapbox.  Well, I got right to work creating some cards for 4 of Rochelle's son's friends.

This first card is using a pretty old paper pack called Fanfare.  The Statue of Liberty image is cut from a Cricut cartridge called Stand and Salute.

The tank was cut from the Stand & Salute cartridge and the Victory paper pack.

Fanfare paper pack and "Home of the Brave" cut from Stand & Salute.

Hero paper pack and Stand & Salute Cricut cartridge.

So, what do you think about my Throwback Thursday creations?  Now that you've checked out the blog, go and create some throwback items for you and your friends! I'd love to see what you come up with!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

Happy (Belated) Mother's Day to all the MOMs!

Here are a couple of cards I created just for this occasion!

A friend asked me to create a couple of cards - one for her mother and one for her mother-in-law.  Since I know neither of these moms, I had to get some input from my friend. "What kind of person is she? How is her home decorated? What is her favorite color(s)?"

The first one is for my friend's mom - she likes color and enjoys being in the limelight.  So, I used the Flirty paper pack with some black flourishes, black glitter paper, and black shimmer trim.

Inside of Flirty Mom's Day card

Flirty Mom's Day card & matching envelope

Card # 2 was for the mother-in-law who is more "vintage/Victorian." So, of course I had to go with pearls, crochet, Smokey Plum card stock and Sonoma paper pack.

Inside of Sonoma Mom's card

Sonoma Mom's card & matching envelope

All the materials are from CLOSE TO MY HEART!  The Flirty and Sonoma papers are both retired, but I still love using them.  If you want to see what is on our WHILE SUPPLIES LAST list, click here!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Book I'm Reading

Books! I love them, don't you?!

Have you ever read a book that changed you?  I can think of a few that have moved me in different ways.  For example, To Kill A Mockingbird is one of the best books I've ever read.  It moved me and helped me to see how entrenched views can be.  Another book series (yes!  the whole series!) was the Harry Potter series.  I love reading books that teach me something and that series did.  J.K. Rowling did such an amazing job researching and integrating so many different legends, myths, and tales.  There were times I'd put the book down just to go look up where a character's name came from.  And it never failed that I would learn something new. You gotta love a book series that not only teaches you but can get kids reading who have never before picked up a book!

Even though those books were, and still are, important to me, nothing has changed me as the book I am reading now.(Besides the Bible!)  Have you heard of  The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson?  Until about 3 months ago, I hadn't heard of this book.  My brother introduced me to it and I have to say, I'm very glad he did.

I downloaded a copy onto my Kindle (the best invention EVER!) and also bought my mom a paperback copy.  I had forgotten I had downloaded the book, so when she wasn't reading her copy, I picked it up and started reading.  Well, about half way through the book, I spilled a very large container of tea/lemonade and the book, along with my constant-companion-of-a-calendar, were drenched.  So much so that I had to throw them away.

(Side note here, every year a local credit union gives teachers in my area a free calendar that is full-size with months only.  I love this calendar.  I mean, I have an unhealthy addiction to this dang thing.  In the 10 years I've been in education, this is the first time I've spilled on a calendar. And yes, I cried. In fact, I found an extra calendar no one was using at school and I went back through the tea/lemonade-dried-out wreck and re-created my calendar.  Sad, I know!)

Well, after my calendar trauma and the farewell I had to say, I remembered I had the book on my Kindle.  So, I picked it up and began reading...again.  But I don't mind starting over.  This book is really helping me in ways I didn't realize I needed.  I've learned a few things that rather surprised me.  I won't go into my personal journey because I believe that is between me & God.  But, I will say that I've learned how to pray and I've learned how to truly give my troubles over to God.  I know now that I had been paying lip service and wasn't being honest - with myself or with God.  He knew it, and in a way, I guess I did too.

The Circle Maker is a book on how to pray.  A book that really looks at what is needed for so many people and the author brings it out in ways that anyone can relate to.  I'm half-way through the digital version of the book and I am still picking up things that I missed the first time around.  One major benefit is now that I give my troubles, burdens, fears, and problems over to God, I'm no longer anxious.  I'm no longer weighted down with anxiety and worry.  My jaws do not hurt from clenching.  My head doesn't hurt from stressing.  My shoulders are lighter than they have ever been.  I've heard of people feeling like this, but I never knew what it was like until now.  And I am lovin' this new freedom from worry, stress, fear, and anxiety!!!

Personally, I'm grateful Mark Batterson wrote this book.  I'm grateful my brother shared it with me. But most importantly, I'm grateful God has been patient enough for me to (re)discover His Word.  I will lift you up in prayer so that you may feel the love and grace of God.

Have a magnificent day my friends!  ~ hugs & prayers!