Friday, July 22, 2011


Well, in about 15 hours, I'll be heading out of town for vacation.  I am very ready.  But first, I will be stopping by my Upline Janene's place for a training over our new Idea Book.  Then, it is on the road to Minnesota.  Considering the 21 straight days of triple digit temps here in the Dallas area, I'm very ready to enjoy highs around 85 and lows in the 60's. 

While we are there, I will be seeing my Great Aunt Harriet.  She is a marvelous cook and can create just about anything. Pretty sure that is where I get my craftiness from.  Also, we will be attending my mom's high school reunion, the town fair, street dance, and my mom will be giving a talk at the library for her new book that has just been released for e-readers.  After that, we are on to Bemidji where we will relax and go fishing on a guided fishing tour.  The rest of the time, we will visit here & there with friends/relatives then drive back home.  Looking forward to seeing friends/relatives I haven't seen in a great many years. 

The only sad thing about this is I can't take my 2 dogs with me.  I will be away from them for 2 whole weeks.  Not quite sure how I'm going to deal with that. 

My mom asked my 6 year old niece Madison what she wanted us to bring her as a souvenir, she said a chocolate fishing pole.  I sure hope Minnesota has chocolate fishing poles because it is very hard to disappoint a 6 year old little girl with big blue eyes and adorable little freckles.  My eleven year old nephew wants shrimp.  That won't be a problem.  I'll also be bringing back several bottles of wine! yum!  Sure hope all the bottles make it past Nebraska ~ that can be an awfully long drive home.  lol!

Ok, well, I will be back in a couple of weeks and hope to have some pictures and fun fishing tales to spin for you.  Be safe & stay cool while you enjoy my mom's book.  R.S.V.P.: A Case for Logan Myles by Kathleen R. West  this can be found on and

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