Monday, June 6, 2011

First Day of Summer

Good Morning Everyone! 

Hope you are all enjoying your first day of Summer 2011.  I slept in this morning and it fel to good!  But, now I am up and am so excited to get my blog running. 

About a week ago, I joined Close To My Heart as an Independent Consultant.  I wasn't looking for a home-based business, it just sort of happened.  Here's the story:  In December I was at a friend's house, working on some cards and scrapbook stuff when I saw this catalog.  My friend was working like a little bee and I was a bit on the bored side so I picked up the catalog and started thumbing through.  I have never liked stamps because I couldn't see where I was putting an image and that terrified me.  But Holy Cow ~ these images were see through!  What's the name of this company? And how can I get my hands on these cute stamps? Immediately I asked my friend where she got it and asked if that person was still selling the product. The catalog was the Fall/Winter Idea Book from Close To My Heart and alas, no, the girl was no longer selling the product.  So, I got onto the Close To My Heart website and searched for a consultant. 

I found Sarah, unassuming and very patient.  She invited me over for a crop at her house and I went.  Sarah and two of her sisters were so nice! The walked me through all kinds of tips, tricks, and techniques.  I was hooked right then and there.  So, I placed an order.  And I've been placing an order every month ~ with each month's order getting larger and larger! 

It has been a very long time since I was excited about something.  In fact, my creative juices were flowing so much, I sketch out card designs while my students were doing their assignments.  In May, I noticed that Close To My Heart was having a great sale - 50% off the consultant kit.  HOLY COW 50% OFF!!!  Not only was it 1/2 off, I knew I'd get to choose the three items I wanted, plus I got an extra kit that I already had and loved.  Well, I called up Sarah and said "I think it is time for me to sign up!"  She was as sweet and patient as ever.  I received my consultant kit and I'm so very excited!

Now, I'm an Indpenednt Consultant for Close To My Heart!  I'm ready to start hosting Gatherings and sharing all the fun possibilities of these amazing products!  My first Gathering is coming up, so stay tuned for the details!

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