Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner and thus another year of celebrating my MOTHER for Father's Day.  On Saturday, I will get to see my brother and his family to celebrate him being a great father.  On Sunday, I get to let my mom know how wonderful she is.  My father chose not to stick around (no sympathies needed, I'm ok with it and he made the choice).  My mom on the other hand, worked very hard, sometimes 2 and 3 jobs, to support my younger brother and me.  She did the duty of both mom and dad.  She was the parent, the friend, the punisher, the kiss-it-where-it-hurts, and the tear wiper.  Never did she complain.  Never did she ask for anything in return. 

As I have gotten older, she has continued to be my biggest fan and supporter.  When I have news to share (good or bad) she is the one I call.  If I need help with something, I turn to her.  She can cook/bake like no one's business, write an amazing story, love, fix the sink, diagnosis pains, ease heart aches, support her community, encourage others, find the best deal, figure out wireless adaptors, and babysit grand kids without breaking a sweat.  She is by far the most talented woman I have ever known. 

With her by my side, I can do anything.  God blessed me more than I deserve when He gave me to her. 

Happy Father's Day MOM!  I love you!

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