Thursday, March 8, 2012


Ok, well I've had a few ladies sign up as a new Consultants with Close To My Heart!  Welcome to all of you! 

Here is my dilemma:  I don't have a team name and I need one.  That's where YOU come in!  Send me your idea for my team name and if your idea is chosen, I will gift you $25 in Close To My Heart product of your choosing!

So get your creative juices flowing & send me some suggestions to my email address:

Looking forward to what y'all creative folks come up with!

Until then, happy crafting!  ~ michelle

1 comment:

  1. Princess-Pins-alot, I just named you on my Blog for a Leibster Award for bloggers with less than 200 followers, come to my blog to get your badge and award, my sweet. (You know where to find me!)

    Now, for your team name, hmmm....
    Super Special Sisters (a sweet one)
    Inks-n-Stinks Sisterhood (ok, that was rather naughty of me)
    Westward Paper Ho (even more naughty)
    Love y'a,